Francis Miller (@turgidharrier) is a musician and sound engineer based in Philadelphia.

They make heavy music as Bone Shard and electronic music as Vertex Ray, perform with Boston shoegaze act Strange Mangers, and have worked with Bokoyoss Games on numerous game jams.

Music for Games

Dream Punk | score for PS Vita FuHEN Contest 2023 submission

Parcelmecium | score for Ludum Dare 53 submission

Cargo Car, Go! | score for Newgrounds Mobile Jam 2022 submission

Crab Boil: Tactics | score, lighting design for Roguelike Jam 3 submission

I Want to Leave | score for Nokia 3310 Jam 4 submission

Puk | score for GBJAM 9 submission

Strewn Runes | score for Stop Waiting For Godot submission

Brood | score, design

Rattenkönig | score, sound design for GMTK Game Jam 2021 submission

lower lower | score, sound design for Ludum Dare 48 submission

—WIRE— | score, sound design, script for Nokia 3310 Jame 3 submission

Capuchin Centauri | score, consult, additional sound design for Finally Finish Something 2021 submission

Become Worm | ominous hum for Variety Megajam 2020 submission

Moulderin' | ending theme

That Dream Again | score, consult, additional sound design for Ludum Dare 47 submission

Blue Bayou | score, consult, additional sound design for GBJAM 8 submission (rated "#1 Fun")

Other Projects

codenames bot | randomly generated codenames

Engineering discography